Holly Budd Addresses Calvert Citizens for a Healthy Community

Holly Budd was so glad to have had the opportunity to address the Calvert Citizens for a Healthy Community (CCHC) on Tuesday night, September 19th. Having earned her Bachelors in Environmental Sciences, worked as a naturalist, served on the Battle Creek/Flag ponds Advisory Committee, and serving on the Calvert County Environmental Commission as well as chairing the Environmental Committee of the Printing and Graphics Association MidAtlantic, Holly Budd is very familiar with the concerns of CCHC and was eager to discuss them.

Holly Addresses CCHC

Environmental protection has been a passion of Holly’s since her early years growing up on the Chesapeake Bay. She recalled for CCHC days filled with crabbing, fishing, and sailing. Fond memories of building sand castles on the beach, playing in tree houses, and secret gardens in the woods are important to Holly, and she is determined to make sure that today’s kids continue to have the opportunity to build memories like that.

Holly Budd spoke about the need to perform a Quantitative Risk Assessment, less formally known as a safety study, at the Dominion LNG plant. With a fracked gas plant sandwiched between a nuclear power plant and a residential community, Holly Budd believes that it’s irresponsible not to know the risks that community and everyone here in Calvert County are accepting.

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