My kids got a great Education in Calvert Public Schools. I will make sure that teachers and schools have what they need to offer a good education for every child.  I want staff, teachers, and children safe from obstacles to learning. We must provide resources for counseling and training. Reacting to a disaster after it occurs is … More Education

Social Justice

People are important, not just statistics and numbers. I would like Calvert’s young adults to be able to afford to purchase a home in the county. Our police, firemen, teachers, should be able to afford to live in our beautiful rural landscape.

Supporting Local Food, Agriculture, and Business

Local Food, Agriculture, and Business are important to me, and to a thriving local economy. As a small business owner, I recognize that every dollar spent in our community, benefits us all. If each person in Calvert spent 10% of their grocery budget at local produce stands or stores, over $30 Million would go to local business in the county. … More Supporting Local Food, Agriculture, and Business

Smart Growth and Transportation

Traffic in Calvert has become a nightmare. We must use Smart Growth principles to grow responsibly. Smart growth means Calvert must take into consideration traffic, schools, and availability of water. Studies are necessary for planning and before building.  We need balanced growth to benefit people, small business, and the environment. People who line in Calvert County do not want the expansion of Town Centers or increasing the housing density. … More Smart Growth and Transportation